Measuring What Matters: Building Your Metrics Portfolio

A 1-day workshop

There's a famous quote by Eli Goldratt that says "Tell me how you measure me and I'll tell you how I'll behave." He knew that metrics drive behavior. When you measure something it tells people you value it and they behave in ways to optimize for that metric. So, measuring the right things is extremely important. More often than we'd like, the problems we see in our workplaces can be traced back to metrics and incentives.

Attendees learn about safely using metrics through activities, lecture, and discussions. They leave with artifacts that they can use in their organizations to continue their work in building a robust and relevant metrics portfolio. 

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will be able to:

  • Use the ODIM process to choose metrics based on desired outcomes

  • Identify intended and unintended behaviors that chosen metrics might incentivize

  • Create a well-balanced metrics portfolio to monitor organizational health

Topic Areas​​

This workshop will be split into the following parts with several hands-on exercises throughout.

  • The Psychology of Metrics

    • Why metrics influence behaviors

    • Vanity Metrics - are they evil?​

    • Anticipating intended an unintended impacts of a metric

  • Mapping metrics to outcomes with ODIM

  • Building balanced dashboards by measuring things in tension

  • Lean Coffee format Q&A / Discussion

Additional topics may be introduced if deemed appropriate during the class.

Other Key Information

  • Certification: None.

  • Language: English

  • Payment Method: Invoice (contact us if you require an alternate method)

  • In addition to a whole day of awesome learning, you also get:​​

    • Access to the 55 Degrees Newsletter & Slack channel

    • A 20% discount on future courses

The Trainer

Your class will be taught by


Julia Wester

Julia is a co-founder of 55 Degrees AB and Lean/Agile practice manager. She loves teaching about Kanban, Scrum, Metrics, and anything else that helps teams figure out how to do more with less stress!

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