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55 Degrees at Øredev Developer Conference, 2023

At the heart of Malmö, Sweden, where innovation meets inspiration, 55 Degrees once again took center stage at the Øredev Developer Conference from November 8th to 10th, 2023. As a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing team workflows, our booth became a hub of meaningful conversations, exciting giveaways, and friendly competitions. Let’s take a journey through the highlights of this extraordinary event.

Empowering Workflows Through Conversations

Our booth became the focal point for participants seeking revolutionary solutions to elevate their organizational workflows. With passion, our team conveyed how our software products can boost collaboration and productivity for teams and organizations. The exchange of ideas and experiences ignited a shared enthusiasm for innovation. To inject some fun into our workflow discussions, we set up a fortune wheel at our booth. Attendees spun the wheel, and the excitement was contagious! Lucky participants won cool swag like beanies, baseball caps, backpacks, and exclusive tickets to our highly anticipated rock-paper-scissors competition the next day.

Team Spirit in Stickers: Putting Faces to 55 Degrees

To make personal connections at the conference, we shared stickers representing each member of the 55 Degrees team. It was heartwarming to see the joy on everyone’s faces as they collected these tokens of team spirit. Connecting faces to our brand resonated deeply with our commitment to building genuine customer relationships. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: A Grand Finale to Remember

The pinnacle of our participation unfolded the next day with the Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. The crowd gathered, anticipation filling the air, as attendees battled for the grand prize—an Airpods Pro. This spirited competition highlighted 55 Degrees’s dedication to building a lively community and served as a memorable and entertaining conclusion to the conference.

This year marked our second appearance at the Øredev Developer Conference, and it was undeniably one of our favorite moments of the year. The connections forged, the excitement shared, and the lessons learned are invaluable to our ongoing journey. To everyone who stopped by our booth, engaged in conversations, spun the fortune wheel, collected stickers, and participated in the rock paper scissors showdown, thank you! Your enthusiasm and energy fueled the success of our journey at Øredev 2023. Until next year, thank you for the memories!

Capturing the moments that sparked meaningful conversations, exciting giveaways, and friendly competitions.

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