Support Options for 55 Degrees Products

This page was last updated on October 20, 2020.

We at 55 Degrees know that every once in awhile systems will go bump in the night. When they do, it is our job as an app-on vendor to provide you with the proper support to get your app, and thus your Atlassian product, running smoothly once more.

This document is a non-binding declaration of our intent to assist our customers and does not engage 55 Degrees AB in any way. Please refer to our general Product EULA for more information.


We expect our customers to follow the recommended practice of backing up your database and testing ANY new software on a non-production system PRIOR to installing said software in a production system. 

How we define "support"

Support Includes

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system

  • Assistance with issues during installation (where installation is required)

  • Assistance with issues during upgrades (where upgrades are required)

  • Guidance around implementation and configuration of our add-ons for Jira and Azure DevOps as well as our standalone SaaS products.


Support Does Not Include

  • Assistance for customers without a valid maintenance agreement, subscription, or evaluation/trial license

  • For our Jira and Azure DevOps apps, Assistance for customers using unsupported versions of the host products

  • Assitance with Third-party application integrations or third-party plugins not distributed or sold by 55 Degrees.

  • Resolving performance issues caused by host application configuration that is not aligned with generally accepted best practices (we will assist in identifying the cause, however it is the responsibility of the customer to resolve the root cause). 

  • Product Training or Onboarding

  • Subject Matter coaching, consultation or training in topics related to our applications (e.g. statistics, metrics, lean, agile, etc.).

  • Support in languages other than Swedish or English.

Initial response time for support queries


This section communicates our current Service Level Expectations (SLEs) for time to first response. These are expectations, which means that though we make every effort to achieve them, factors beyond our control may block us from doing so. 

As a general rule, we at 55 Degrees are available for any questions, concerns, issues etc through our support channel at or Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Central European Time. However, our offices are closed on major Swedish and European holidays.

Level 1

  • Criteria for Classification: Request is an outage or problem causing the product not to be usable at all by the customer. Any security related incidents are treated as Level 1.

  • Time to first response: Within 2 hours of receipt of request during business hours. Requests received outside of business hours will be treated as they were received at 9 am on the next business day.

Level 2

  • Criteria for Classification: Request is a Problem Report or Question

  • Time to first response: within 24 hours of request or 10 am CET the next business day, whichever is later.

Level 3

  • Criteria for Classification: Anything that is not classified as Level 1 or Level 2

  • Time to first response: As available


55 Degrees AB Responsibilities

  • 55 Degrees will provide any information regarding workarounds that may be beneficial while the bug is being investigated and fixed, when available.

  • 55 Degrees may, at our sole discretion, provide you with a patched version of the add-on in case of a Level 1 or 2 issue for your on-prem instances. This patch may be delivered outside of marketplace download mechanisms.

  • 55 Degrees will publicly release updates resolving issues in the next maintenance release. Maintenance release schedules are not predetermined and are cut on an as-needed fashion.

  • 55 Degrees will schedule Level 2 issues/requests according to priority. Priority decisions are made by 55 Degrees employees based on a number of factors which are subject to change.

Customer responsibilities

  • Customers are responsible for maintaining their host applications and keeping the product versions up-to-date (Jira, Azure DevOps) and configured in line with generally accepted best practices.

  • Customers are responsible for applying the correct versions of the Add-Ons for their Atlassian product instance. There is no vendor-provided support for issues with our Add-Ons when installing into unsupported versions of Atlassian product instances.

  • Customers are responsible for testing any new installation or version of the 55 Degrees add-on in a non-production environment before applying it to a production environment. Any data loss is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Customers are responsible for communicating issues to 55 Degrees through our support channel as described above.

Help with unsupported issues


Databases and Application Servers

Atlassian provides integration instructions for getting their products to work on supported platforms, but we do not support configurations that differ from the procedures described in the Atlassian product documentation. We test on common platform combinations. However, we expect that you test our add-on in a development environment in order to ensure that your platform combination runs without issues. If you do encounter issues in any environment, please provide us feedback through our support channel.

Atlassian Beta Releases, Development Releases, Release candidates

55 Degrees does not offer support for milestone or beta releases nor support release candidates of Atlassian products.



Atlassian Jira Server support

Note: The following does NOT apply to Atlassian Jira Cloud or Atlassian Jira DataCenter.

55 Degrees will continue to provide support for Atlassian Jira Server for those customers holding valid maintenance support entitlement to the extent of our capabilities. However, if a support case requires support from Atlassian or is an issue with Jira and they are no longer offering support then our capability will be limited. Please see the support timelines provided by Atlassian at under the heading "Will server still receive enhancements or bug fixes?"