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What we do

55 Degrees is a software company offering agile apps that help people and companies forecast, plan, work and improve more effectively.


Strive for the right balance.  

Too much in any direction can be a problem. Consider the context and do your best to find your perfect balance, your Lagom, for every given situation.

Make things better. 

With every action, leave things better than you found them. That applies whether it is code, customers or our community.


Be your crazy self. 

We hire people because of their unique qualities, including how they think. We don't hire brilliant jerks but we don't want clones either.


Don’t fear mistakes.

If you don't make mistakes you might not be learning as much as you could be! What's more important is what you do after the mistake.

Put people first. 

If we put people first, results will follow. We take care of our employees and their families first. This allows our employees to take care of our customers. 


Have fun. 

If we take ourselves too seriously we can stifle our potential. Creativity comes when you have fun.

Our Team

We might be small but we do great work! Want to join us? See if we're hiring!

Julia Wester
CEO - CO-Founder

Daniel Wester
CTO - CO-Founder

Freddie Fridvall
Senior Developer

Daniel Hansson