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See how work really moves through your workflow

The Workflow Usage Patterns Report helps you understand how people use your workflow by showing you where issues go next when they leave any workflow status. Use this information to streamline workflows or educate users!

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Inspect your workflow.
Take data-driven action

Allow Jira users to access hard-to-reach data from issue history to understand how workflows are used, see an issue's time and frequency in status, and how much time issues spend waiting, and more!

How Inspekt can help

Let the issue data show you where work gets stuck

The Raw Workflow Data Report shows when an issue moves into a status, how long it stays there, how often it goes there, and how many assignees it has had. You can view this in Jira or export it to run your own reports!

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See where idle time is hurting your productivity

Our project-level Flow Efficiency report shows the percentage of time issues are being actively worked. See data overall, by priority, by issue type, and more. See low numbers? Look for opportunities to reduce idle time.

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Purchasing Options

Inspekt is exclusively available as an app that embeds directly in your Jira Cloud. Every Jira user is automatically licensed! Try Inspekt for free for at least 30 days!

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55 Degrees is a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner.


Inspekt for Jira participates in Atlassian's security programs and is Cloud Fortified

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