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Deliver value faster
Be confident

A lightweight issue refinement tool for Jira users that reduces frustration and speeds up delivery by helping teams to understand their work, their dependencies, and whom they need to communicate with.

Improve how you work and how quickly you deliver

Klar can help you oversome common struggles
Refinement View for Issues

Don't know how to prepare?

Configure the right questions for your context or use our thinking template to get up and running. Prevent frustration stemming from starting work before it is well understood.

Do you experience too many blockers or false starts?

Know if an item is ready enough to start by viewing our custom issue fields. Reduce the blockers, time and effort it takes to start doing the actual work. 

Custom Fields for Klar
JQL query using Klar Custom Fields

Want to have better conversations?

Klar custom fields help you query your issues and find everything relevant to the groups you need to talk to.

Atlassian Jira
Purchasing Options

Klar is exclusively available as an app that embeds directly in your Jira Cloud. Every Jira user is automatically licensed! Try Klar for free for at least 30 days!

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55 Degrees is a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner.


Klar for Jira participates in Atlassian's security programs and is Cloud Fortified

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