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Bring key data to Jira
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An external data connector for Jira that helps teams display data from multiple systems directly in their Jira issues. Improve speed while maintaining data security!

Display key data from multiple external systems in one place 

How Koppla Can Help
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Minimize frustration from context switching

Does your work depend on external data? Easily synchronize external data into Jira issues with multiple data sources and issue-based field configuration.


Control who is permitted to see the data

Configure the source, decide what field to use to match the data, and specify who is permitted to see the data. Display up-to-date information in Jira issues without worry.


Save money versus heavyweight connectors

Buying purpose-built connections to each external system can be costly, not to mention, require additional staff to maintain. Not ready for that? We can help at a fraction of the price.

How Koppla works
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Fill in the issue fields as normal

When your key field is filled in, Koppla will search the stored data from your external systems and display anything that is relevant in the Koppla tab on your Jira issue. 

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Connect systems to your project

Connecting users with relevant data is done with a short script and a few fields to configure in your Jira project.  We help make it simple with our guides for Project Admins and Developers!

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Permitted users can view the data 

Users can visit the tab and see any of the configured data they are able to see. This means less time switching back and forth between systems without sacrificing security!

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55 Degrees is a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner.


Koppla for Jira participates in Atlassian's security programs and is Cloud Fortified

Atlassian Jira
Purchasing Options

Koppla is exclusively available as an app that embeds directly in Jira Cloud. Every Jira user is automatically licensed! Try Koppla for free for at least 30 days!

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