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Introduction to ActionableAgile Analytics

Introduction to ActionableAgile Analytics is a 2-hour virtual class for small groups.


Each class will be targeted to a specific version of the ActionableAgile application: our SaaS version at or for our embedded version in either Jira or Azure DevOps Services. 

Please note that this is not a place where we will be addressing support issues. Please report all issues via our support portal well before the workshop. 

Learning Outcomes

  • An ability to navigate through the ActionableAgile tool effectively.

  • An ability to read and configure charts for four key flow metrics: Cycle Time, Work-in-Progress (WIP), WIP Age, and Throughput.

  • An understanding of why these flow metrics are important and when you might use them.

Target Audience

Users that are new to ActionableAgile Analytics​​​. These users should have access to a version of ActionableAgile and be able to access their data from within ActionableAgile.


Typical Agenda

This workshop will cover the following topics through demonstration and interactive exercises:

  • Accessing ActionableAgile Analytics

  • Global Configurations and Settings

  • Four Key Flow Metrics

    • Cycle-Time Scatterplot

    • WIP Run Chart

    • Aging Work-In-Progress Chart

    • Throughput Run Chart

  • ​Loading your data into ActionableAgile Analytics

  • Attendee Q&A

We will use the example data pre-loaded into the tool for explanation and exercises. We then load your specific data into ActionableAgile Analytics and discuss data-specific questions, ending with an overall Q&A.

We can review additional charts or other topics in the event that we have additional time.

Other Information

  • Certification: None

  • Language: English (French upon request)

  • Payment Method: Invoice (contact us if you prefer to pay by credit card)


Meet the Instructor

Julia Wester

Julia is a co-founder of 55 Degrees AB and Lean/Agile practice manager. She loves teaching about Kanban, Scrum, Metrics, and anything else that helps teams figure out how to do more with less stress!

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