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Introduction to ActionableAgile Analytics

Introduction to ActionableAgile Analytics is a 2-hour virtual class for small groups.


Each class will be targeted to a specific version of the ActionableAgile application: our SaaS version at or for our embedded version in either Jira or Azure DevOps Services. 

Please note that this is not a place where we will be addressing support issues. Please report all issues via our support portal well before the workshop. 

Learning Outcomes

  • An ability to navigate through the ActionableAgile tool effectively.

  • An ability to read and configure charts for four key flow metrics: Cycle Time, Work-in-Progress (WIP), WIP Age, and Throughput.

  • An understanding of why these flow metrics are important and when you might use them.

  • An understanding of Monte Carlo Simulations and how to use them for forecasting a group of items.

Target Audience

Users that are new to ActionableAgile Analytics​​​. These users should have access to a version of ActionableAgile and be able to access their data from within ActionableAgile.


Typical Agenda

This workshop will cover the following topics through demonstration and interactive exercises:

  • Accessing ActionableAgile Analytics

  • Global Configurations and Settings

  • Four Key Flow Metrics

    • Cycle-Time Scatterplot

    • WIP Run Chart

    • Aging Work-In-Progress Chart

    • Throughput Run Chart

  • Monte Carlo Simulations

    • Monte Carlo When

    • Monte Carlo How Many

  • ​Loading your data into ActionableAgile Analytics

  • Attendee Q&A

We will use the example data pre-loaded into the tool for explanation and exercises. We then load your specific data into ActionableAgile Analytics and discuss data-specific questions, ending with an overall Q&A.

We can review additional charts or other topics in the event that we have additional time.

Other Information

  • Certification: None

  • Language: English (French upon request)

  • Payment Method: Invoice (contact us if you prefer to pay by credit card)


Meet the Instructors

Julia Wester

Julia is a co-founder of 55 Degrees AB and Lean/Agile practice manager. She loves teaching about Kanban, Scrum, Metrics, and anything else that helps teams figure out how to do more with less stress!

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Margaux Fiche

Margaux is the Manager, Customer Experience at 55 Degrees. She loves helping customers solve issues and teaching them how to use our tools to do more with less stress! She has Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Metrics, and Agile knowledge to support our customers.

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