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Giving Back: Our Commitment to Making a Difference.

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, where Software as a Service (SaaS) companies continuously strive for innovation and excellence, it’s crucial to remain mindful of our responsibility to both our communities and the world at large. At 55 Degrees, we firmly believe that true success extends beyond profits and market share. We take pride in our enduring commitment to making a positive impact and giving back to society.

Our dedication to putting people first has been one of our core values since the beginning, and we are constantly seeking ways to make a difference through initiatives such as the “1% Pledge”, where we donate 1% of team member time to charitable causes and 1% of our profit.

Supporting the Barncancerfonden

One cause that has been close to our hearts is the fight against childhood cancer. The words "Children" and "cancer" should never coexist. As an organization, we proudly support the Barncancerfonden in their fight to keep cancer away from children.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation fights childhood cancer and ensures that affected children and their families receive the care and support they need. As Barnsupporter 2023, we are involved and contribute to this noble cause. Despite advancements in medical science, the fight against childhood cancer continues. By donating to organizations like the Barncancerfonden, we are helping individual families and the collective effort to find better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for childhood cancer. Every day, a child in Sweden faces the harsh reality of cancer. However, there is hope! Thanks to research and more effective treatment methods, we’ve made significant progress, with 85 percent survival rate today. However, the ultimate goal is to ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer not only survives but also leads a healthy and fulfilling life. To achieve this, we proudly support Barncancerfonden by being a Child Supporter 2023. We encourage others to join us in supporting this vital cause, and together, we can bring hope and healing to children battling cancer.

Together, we help keep cancer away from children!

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